How To Find The Right Realtor For You

How To Find The Right Realtor For You

Finding the perfect Central PA Realtor

Choosing a Realtor to work with can feel like a shot in the dark. Unless you have a direct connection to a Realtor in your circle or a recommendation from someone you trust, knowing how to pick the right Realtor is oftentimes easier said than done. 

With so many Realtors available, what should you pay attention to when vetting them out? Where do you even begin? We’re sharing 5 things to consider when browsing for a Realtor you’ll love working with in your area. 

1. Reputation 

Having a 5-star reputation is essential in the real estate world. From how a Realtor treats their clients to their level of professionalism and investment in everyone’s success, read reviews about potential Realtors before working with them. When you find less than perfect reviews, these can be helpful, too. 

What is the worst-case scenario of working with that individual or team? If you don’t mind what the review says, proceed with caution. You may also find reviews from people you know online who you didn’t realize worked with that Realtor. You can then connect with them and learn more about their experiences. 

2. Service Area

Even if you find a Realtor you love with a personality that just clicks for you, you will want to make sure they service your area in which you’re searching for a home or selling yours. Not every Realtor works in every city or state. When you’re interviewing possible Realtors and learning about their services, keep this in mind. 

3. Average Home Price 

While the price of other homes a specific Realtor has sold may not seem super important, you want to get a sense of the type of clientele they generally work with. For example, finding a Realtor who sells multi-million dollar homes when you want to list a house for a much lower price may not be a great fit. On the other hand, if your Realtor only sells fixer-upper homes that need a ton of investment and work, your move-in-ready house may not be their bread and butter. While this may not be a deal-breaker either way, we recommend keeping it in mind. 

4. Communication 

For most home buyers or sellers, working with a Realtor who is quick to respond to their questions and needs is a must. But communication style is also something to consider. Do you want a Realtor who calls you all hours of the day with news or would you prefer to work with someone who sends you emails you can view on your own time? Be transparent in what you’re looking for and ask how your Realtor communicated with their clients. 

5. Trust 

Above all, finding a Realtor who you trust is key. You want to know that the Realtor has your back and is willing to go to bat for you when you need it most. Much of the home buying and selling process involves documents you won’t fully understand and processes that are nuanced to the field. Having a Realtor who is both a guide and a friend to walk you through every step is not only helpful but necessary for many. As you look around for Realtors, trust your gut and choose the one who feels right for you. 

A Lancaster, PA Realtor Your Can Trust

For those in the Central Pennsylvania area, Matt Weaver and his team may be the perfect fit for you. We would love to talk with you to learn more about these areas above and what services you’re looking for. Contact us today to get started


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