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Selling Your HOME in lancaster, PA?

The Lancaster, PA, real estate market is booming, with many new buyers eager to move into the area. It’s an ideal time to consider selling your home, but a little bit of research and care can translate into a better return on your investment. 

Not only do you want a real estate agent that knows the area intimately, but you also want a listing agent that understands the nuances required to sell a home for the highest possible price. By marketing your home effectively and negotiating aggressively on your behalf, your seller’s agent can put you in a much stronger position when you’re ready to start your house-buying process. 

Working with the right realtor in Lancaster, PA, can make a dramatic difference in your experience and overall results.

The Drawbacks of Choosing the Wrong Listing Agent

Buying a new home often feels like an exciting venture, but selling a home sometimes feels like a necessary chore. This perception often leads people to agonize over their choice of buyer’s agent but work with the first seller’s agent they find on a “sell my home” Google search. 

The unfortunate truth is that many agents take advantage of hot markets such as Lancaster, PA, to do very little actual work to your benefit. While it may be easy to sell a home today, it’s significantly harder to sell a home well. 

What are some of the drawbacks of making a poor choice of listing agent?

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Slow Response Times = Missed Opportunities

A good realtor in Lancaster, PA, will try to strike a balance between value and time. Most homeowners sell their current property to fund their new one, which means that timing is essential when selling and buying a new home.

The problem is that many realtors take full advantage of hot markets to the detriment of their clients. Taking on too many clients, these agents end up with delays and potential costly paperwork mistakes.

Undervalued Sales

The simplest way to make a fast sale is to keep the home price relatively low. In Lancaster's real estate market, homes can sell in a matter of days, so some agents tend to put up sloppy listings and rely on the first valuation they obtain. While you may still profit from your sale, are you getting as much as your home is worth?

The problem worsens if you still want to remain in the same area since you may not be able to sell your home enough to buy a more desirable home in the same market. You may even find that you'll have to move further abroad to find a home within your budget that will meet your needs.

Matt helped us learn that we needed to build a home to get exactly what we wanted. He guided us through every step of the process and supported us throughout our build. We always felt that Matt had our backs. The advise he gave us was insightful and made the entire experience easier. We enjoyed his sense of humor and kindness. We highly recommend Matt for anybody interested in buying, building or selling a home. His professionalism and attention to details makes him the perfect choice.

-Jill and Stephen Bennett Weiss

A new Kind of Realtor in Lancaster, PA

At The Matthew Weaver Team, we believe in giving our clients the best possible service, regardless of whether they’re buying or selling. Our experience with the Lancaster area makes us the leading realtor. Here are just some of the characteristics that help us sell homes.

Innovative Marketing

It's easy to take a couple of photos and draw up a listing within minutes, especially in a hot real estate market. However, this approach will fail in anything but the most seller-friendly market. We draw up a specialized marketing plan for every house we sell. Then we leverage the most powerful marketing tools on search engines and social media. We use professional photographers, and even drone photography, to showcase your home's best features and strategic listing placements to get maximum visibility and qualified leads.

Strong Negotiating Skills

While our marketing tactics are essential for getting attention, our negotiating skills seal the deal. These negotiations are where we get the best possible price for your existing home in your timeframe. And if you decide to buy your new home from us as well, then we'll put the same skills to use on your behalf to get you into your dream home.

The Process

Here is how it all comes together when selling your home:

Listing Profiles That Impress

  • Connect with me to understand your home’s value in the current market. I will walk through your home and provide suggestions on how to stage and prepare your home for its sale. 
  • I’ll help you understand comps in your area, which determine how to price your home compared to others in your area. This is an essential step in determining your home’s value and how to price it for sale. 
  • Because every home is unique, I help you showcase your home’s desirable features and stage the home for maximum impact.

Preparing Your Home To Go To Market

  • When we’re ready to list your home, I will help you create photos and content that attract interested buyers to your home. 
  • I offer professional photos, visual tours, drone photography, 2D/3D Floor plans, cutting-edge internet marketing, and accurate and compelling home descriptions that will make your home stand out from other listings and connect with the right buyers.

Gaining Exposure For Your Home

  • We will feature your home in all areas that offer interested buyers, from Harrisburg to Philadelphia. 
  • Receive text notifications about home showings that put you in control. Whenever an agent is interested in showing your home, you will receive texts to confirm the showing and minimize stress or surprises.

Making The Sale & Closing

  • I will help you navigate offers on your home and choose the right terms for you and your situation, whatever it may be. 
  • With closing comes lots of paperwork, legal documents, and negotiation – which is why it’s essential to have a partner you can trust. I help you close your home with the least amount of uncertainty. 
  • Getting you to the closing table is my goal!

Reasons to Sell Your Home

When you’re putting your home on the market, communicating clearly with your listing agent about why you want to sell your home can help the realtor enhance the marketing of your house.

Understanding why you’re selling can help you streamline your next home buying journey and make it easier for your real estate agent to market your home to other people. 

Let’s talk about some of the most common reasons people and families put homes on the market.

A Home That's Too Small

Most starter houses are ideal for couples but quickly feel cramped when introducing kids or pets into the mix. You'll also find a growing trend for multi-generational homes, where adult children can look after their aging parents or young adults move back in with their parents due to changing financial circumstances.

Changing Needs

Almost everyone gets excited about moving into a new home, but often the reality doesn't match up to expectations. Maybe you don't use the pool as much as you thought you would, or you've started gardening and now desire a larger yard. Your home should fit your lifestyle, not the other way around.

A Changing Neighborhood

Neighborhoods evolve, and you may eventually feel that the one you're in doesn't have the vibe of community you want. This can be for many reasons, from the natural aging of a neighborhood to demographic shifts as a new type of community moves in.

Upgrading Through Relocating Rather Than Renovation

Sometimes, people want to modernize their homes without going through the hassle and noise of multiple renovations to align with their new needs. Moving represents an excellent opportunity to find a new house more in line with your current style and upgrade your lifestyle simultaneously.

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